History of Casa d'Arte Landi
The Casa d’Arte Prof. Lando Landi has been in the business of selling high-quality religious articles to the most trusted retailers in Italy and all over the world for over 80 years.

The business was established at the beginning of the last century, when Pellegrino Landi, a skilled craftsman specialised in statues, decided to set up house in Lucca (Tuscany). Along with his sons Lando, Carlo, Valentino and Silvano, he opened a workshop to manufacture statues and plaster ornaments.

 In 1932, after obtaining a teaching qualification in sculptural design, Lando, Pellegrino’s eldest son, set up his own business and opened a studio as a wood sculptor. He specialised in manufacturing statues for religious purposes which were commissioned from him by several churches in Lucca and all over Tuscany. One of his excellent works of art is the famous “Madonna con Bambino e S. Domenico” (Our Lady, Child and St. Dominic), which is kept in the Church of Santa Maria Novella in Florence. In order to meet his customers’ needs, he then began to manufacture only the most successful statues in plaster. Among them was there the Child Jesus which is usually displayed in churches at Christmas time.

 Since 1974, the Casa d’Arte’s business has been carried on by Giuliano Landi, Lando’s great-grandson, who - together with his wife Rossella Mazzoni - joined the family’s firm as Lando’s pupil in 1969, after achieving a diploma of Master of Arts at the Istituto d’Arte A. Passaglia in Lucca.