Why choose the religiuous items hand-crafted by Casa D'Arte Prof. Lando Landi?


  • For over 80 years we have been selling religious articles to the most trusted retailers in Italy and all over the world.

  • All items are wonderfully hand-crafted, paying special attention to every single detail.

  • The realistic and meaningful look of the faces of our statues is made possible by the use of hand-crafted crystal eyes.

  • All our statues are cast in polyester resin and hand-painted, using high-quality paints and decorations. Thanks to our choice of the finest materials, all our hand-crafted items are weatherproof.

  • We offer you a safe and secure shipping method consisting in a layer of foam which solidifies as it cools and takes the shape of the product ordered.

  • Kindness and reliability have always been the hallmark of our family’s firm and always will be.